Comparing 10 day average of daily cases across various European countries

Note that the dashed red line on the bottom of the Weekly Cases Per 100k graph indicates the level of the English Governments apparent cut off for being pulled off the travel corridor list. That is, if a country spends about 7 days above the dotted red line, then travellers from that country will very likely need to quarantine on arrival to the UK.

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The COVID-19 datasets for each country used on the mapping data are correct from the following dates:

  1. England - September 03
  2. Wales - September 12
  3. Sweden - September 03
  4. Belgium - September 03 .

The data used for the other graphs is obtained from the R pacakge COVID-19 Data Hub. For more information, see the website .

Mapping data is taken from

COVID-19 cases for Wales can be found on the public data dashboard made by the Public Health Wales’ Coronavirus Surveillance Cell

Belgian coronavirus cases are taken from the Beglian institute for health, Sceinsano

Cases for the local authorities of England can be found on the UK government website

Cases for Sweden are taken from the Public Health Agency of Sweden

UK population data can be downloaded from the Office of National Statistics

Population data for Belgium can be downloaded from the Belgian Statistics Office

Other variables are estimated based on those data sets - for example, the population of local authorities based on the number of cases per100k or the population density based on the area of produced by the mapping data.

An interactive map of number of cases per 100k population